The Minute Project's "Why"

The Minute Project hopes to spread a positive message each and everyday, one minute at a time. Our purpose is carried out through each and every comfortable piece of clothing we sell endorsing healthy messages for mental health.


The Minute Project stands at the intersection of fashion and mental health advocacy, weaving a compelling narrative through clothing that transcends mere aesthetics. With a profound commitment to fostering positive change, this brand ingeniously utilizes apparel as a canvas for spreading a message of hope and resilience. Each garment becomes a vessel for a one-minute conversation starter about mental health, inviting wearers and onlookers alike to engage in meaningful dialogues. The Minute Project's designs not only exude style but also serve as catalysts for breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. By championing the idea that change can begin in just a minute, the brand inspires a collective movement towards understanding, empathy, and support. Through their innovative approach, The Minute Project becomes more than a fashion label; it emerges as a force for societal transformation, one uplifting minute at a time. 


As apart of our mission we also donate 10% of profits each year to non-profit organizations OUR instagram followers vote on in order to further carry out our mission of supporting mental health.