Accomplishing goals and reaching peak potential is a desire many people have. If you would like to accomplish these desired goals, focus on getting one percent better each day…

Someone very dear to me once said, “It’s not so important where you are right now versus where you want to be. It is that each day you are getting one percent closer to where you want to be, then you will reach your goals.”. This has resonated with me very closely in so many different ways. The first way being, reaching your goals is a marathon not a sprint, that’s why consistency is key. Second, if you try and do it all at once, you will burn out and lose your passion in the process. Finally, if you achieve every goal immediately, eventually there will be no such thing as a goal. Each step getting there is a learning experience, we are always learning subconsciously and getting better even if it is just one percent at a time. 

One percent of each day is 14 minutes and 24 seconds. Everyone wants to improve but not many people are willing to put in the work. Start with that 14 minutes and 24 seconds and continue to build on it each day. Soon you will find yourself a whole new person. Every minute you spend working on yourself you improve. Every day you improve you are one step closer to your goals & every day you get closer to your goals you get closer to internal peace, freedom and true happiness.

A quote I love that resonates with me regarding becoming one percent better goes as follows, “Invest 1% of your day into yourself and become a better version of yourself today then you were yesterday, then wake up tomorrow and do the same thing. Rinse and repeat. It is actually quite simple.” -Anonymous 

A few ways you can get one percent better today-

  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes
  • Get a good night's rest
  • Choose a more healthy item for lunch
  • Drink a gallon of water
  • Engage in a session of meditation 
  • Start learning a new skill
  • Start the project you have been hesitant to start
  • Read something of value

Do not be discouraged in the process of improvement. Embrace these hardships, it is the only way to improve. Rome wasn’t built in one day, it took over a thousand years. Start small, you will get there. Life is a journey, not a race, do not get stuck on the same old things. Continually move forward each day, getting one percent better each day. You got this…


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