When was the last time you checked in on you? At the end of time the only thing that truly matters is your own peace, so do not lose it. Implement these simple tasks and watch yourself grow each day…

Self care is an extremely important aspect to a person's emotional and physical health. Specifically, there are six types of self care. These include physical self-care, emotional self-care, social self-care, intellectual self-care, spiritual self-care, and sensory self-care. Each one is just as vital as the other and all contribute to the well-being of yourself as a person. Neglecting it can contribute to negative effects such as self doubt, mental distress and poor physical well being.

Elaborating on these six types:

  • Physical self-care is taking care of our own body. Some of the variables this may include are taking a short walk each day, working out more often, stretching and improving eating habits. 
  • Emotional self-care is understanding our own emotions and being able to stay in tune with them. Ways a person can execute this is self-reflection, journaling or communication with others about personal problems. 
  • Social self-care is spending time with others, prioritizing connections that influence your life positively and building healthy relationships. Staying in touch with old friends, calling family members and communicating with peers all play a role in social self-care.
  • Intellectual self-care is doing things that influence brain function and learning. Trying new things, learning about interests and reading books all play into our brain and intellectual development. 
  • Spiritual self-care is nourishing your soul and finding inner peace. There are countless ways to work on this such as, spending time in nature, helping others and doing things you love.
  • Sensory self-care is fulfilling your bodily wants and needs by being present with the things around you. Practice healthy habits, listen to comforting music and be present. 

Now if you still do not understand how to execute proper self-care, I have made a list of various ways to check in ourselves today in less than 60 seconds… Ask yourself-

  • How am I really feeling? 
  • Am I hydrated enough? 
  • Have I been sleeping well?
  • Am I eating regularly and healthy?
  • Have I been taking care of my body?
  • Am I meeting my goals?
  • How am I improving each day?
  • Am I in touch with my emotions?

Self care is closely associated with mental health and general well-being. It only takes one minute to help yourself and an extra minute to share forward the message in order to help the people around you. Why not try it today, it only takes one minute…

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