Slow down, enjoy this present moment, because when it is gone, it is gone forever. Life is temporary, embrace every little bit of it you can…

The clause Now. Here. This. is a Franciscan virtue founded by St. Francis de Sales. This short phrase has great significance and all people are universally called to follow this virtue. The virtue is essentially broken down into the three parts, further exemplified throughout this passage.

Now - when 

  • The current moment
  • Being present & not anticipating what is to come but participating in the current moment
  • Each moment is sacred, do not live in the past or future, enjoy what is now

Here - where

  • The place & people you are with
  • Each place you go regardless of the circumstance
  • What is going on around you 

This - what

  • The present moment & what you are engaging in 
  • Giving each and every act your full 100% focus & effort
  • The activity, people, discussion

Relative to these concepts, one example regarding this is how we look upon people we admire. Instead of seeing another guy or girl and envisioning what you can be, instead enjoy the fact you get to see them for the worth they are right now. That you enjoy the mere presence of them and who they are with or without them.


Following these three virtues can enhance our lives in various aspects. Some fundamental things you will notice as a person more engaged in the present moment include: your interactions with others will become more frequent and better, general happiness and stress will improve and you will feel more fulfilled in your daily accomplishments and activities. Each and everyday we have this opportunity to improve, do not waste it, do not get caught up reminiscing on your past occurrences and do not waste time stressing out on what is to come. We only live once, so give each and everything you do your full effort and care.

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