A letter, card or short note is something a person may cherish forever. A quick gesture and an old school approach to appreciation, try it today… 

Every person in your life influences you in some sort of way. Now, as a natural human tendency we do not acknowledge the acts that people consistently perform and do for us. Though every person has an influence that is so significant that we may have been on a completely different life course if it wasn’t for them. This list of people stretches farther than we can imagine, including a parent, a sibling, a friend, a classmate, a teacher, a girlfriend, and any and all people in between and out.

Take into account just three of many aspects of people & their influences:

  • A parent - Raised and instilled the morals that form you as a person.
  • A special teacher - Taught and helped you understand values that stretch so much farther than a silly grade.
  • A classmate - Whether you got to know or not know every classmate, think of one that always smiles & brings a light of happiness to the room.

Now build upon this! Take into account the influence a short message of gratitude can have on these people who have passively done so much for you just by being themselves…

  • Parents take great pride in their children and a short message saying “I love you” or “Thank you for all you do for me” can resonate with them for a very very long time. A physical slip of paper leaving these words of encouragement is something they will not take lightly or just toss away. I can almost guarantee you they will keep this either on their bed stand, in a drawer or close to them, they will never forget your love and care for them.
  • Teachers often are the demise of many peoples educational journeys due to their dislike or interest in a specific teacher. Though when you come across a teacher who cares for you as more than just a student it is very special. A teacher is not paid for helping students mentally or physically. So when a teacher goes above and beyond, acknowledge it. We can learn so much from a good teacher and by leaving a note for them like, “I find it very inspiring how much you truly care for my education outside of a textbook” or “I appreciate all the help you give me”. Something as simple as that can move the teacher to help the next struggling student creating a ripple effect of more and more positive pieces in our own community.
  • The final example of a classmate is so significant because we are responsible for our generation. Now this classmate may not ever know what they do or understand their effect. But when you meet a person who always acknowledges others no matter who it is, socializes and carries a smile on their face. This person brings an energy that can influence so much positive. Do not let them go unnoticed, leave a note in their locker next time or even tell them, “I love your positivity” or “You always brighten my day”. A person like this brings a contagious energy everyone loves and when you acknowledge them it can only motivate them to continue the good work!

A thank you is always very much appreciated and can truly go a long way. Even more so, a note of gratitude creates an even better, more positive effect. A physical slip of paper showing appreciation resonates with others so much longer than any other form of a thank you. The best part is, it's such a simple task, and it can go such a long way, try it today…

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