Within our daily lives each and every person has the ability to do something unique. One small act can change the world & it only takes one minute. 

The Minute Project was founded upon the basis that one minute really can change so much. Take into account the last time someone complimented you and how it made you feel & how it only took a few seconds for them to show this kindness to you. Next, think about a time when you were upset and a friend reached out to see how you were doing because they care and that they are willing to take a short time to talk and communicate through the problems you feel. Lastly, visualize a moment you were walking, did an exercise, or just smiled. The most simple action can positively impact you as a person and a community member, so do good today. After all, it only takes one minute.

Today, try one of these things, or maybe a few. Listed below are 60 things that only take 60 seconds. Trust us, you will make a positive difference in your own life or someone else's.

  1. Compliment someone - You will both feel good
  2. Wash your face - You will feel refreshed
  3. Smile, smile really big - You will feel better or more happy
  4. Text a family member you love them - Family is everything
  5. Stand up, take a walk - Physically you’ll feel refreshed
  6. Write a thank you note - People will love & cherish your gratitude
  7. Make your bed - Even if you have a bad day, you will have a made bed to come home too
  8. Call an old friend - Connections last forever
  9. Clean your room - It is so refreshing to have a clean rom
  10. Trash excess notifications - A fresh phone is very refreshing
  11. Do 10 push ups - You are always improving
  12. Hug the people you are with - Life is temporary
  13. Brush your teeth - It feels good to be clean
  14. Clean out your browser tabs - Everyone has excess random tabs open
  15. Stretch - You will feel so much better
  16. Take your vitamins - It literally takes 3 seconds
  17. Go outside - Take a deep breath of fresh air, it's very refreshing 
  18. Take out the trash - Stop cramming & take action 
  19. Water your plants - Everything is better more green
  20. Drink a glass of water - Nourish your body
  21. Give your dog food - Everyone loves their dogs
  22. Breathe deeply for 60 seconds - You will feel an increase in calmness, happiness & creativity
  23. Do 10 squats - 20 years from now your knees will thank you
  24. Write down your goals - Never stay static, you are always improving
  25. Eat something - Do not forget to nourish your body
  26. Enjoy this moment - Take in what's around you, when it's gone, its gone
  27. Forgive someone - Never hold grudges, life is too short
  28. Dance - Get your body moving and the vibes flowing
  29. Drink some tea - Your throat will love you
  30. Compliment yourself - Every person is special
  31. Wash your hands - As a person you will feel more clean
  32. Journal your thoughts - It's good to debrief your feelings
  33. Do the dishes - Your family, roommate or friends will appreciate your cleanliness
  34. Floss - Cavities suck
  35. Plug in your phone - A charged phone is always better than a dead one
  36. Crack open a new book - Education is vital to the human brain
  37. Wipe down your desk - Creates a healthy, productive working environment
  38. Recycle - Take care of the world we love
  39. Take action - Whatever you think of, take the first step
  40. Doodle - Be creative, create something you love
  41. Create a to do list - Enhance productivity & unnecessary stress
  42. Vacuum the floor - A very simple, refreshing task
  43. Say thank you - Be appreciative of the things people do for you
  44. Change your phone background - Different view
  45. Watch something funny - Spice up your day & lift your mood
  46. Slow down - Catch your breath, take a minute to relax
  47. Vent your frustrations - Let out your emotions to someone, on paper or in your notes
  48. Return a call - Get back to someone you missed
  49. Review your calendar - Don’t miss something coming up
  50. Learn a new skill - Broaden your abilities
  51. Download your music - Always ready to go when offline
  52. Update your resume - Every achievement counts
  53. Work your core - Activate your body by engaging in a core exercise 
  54. Wash your bed sheets - Feel fresh, you sleep in them everyday
  55. Create a grocery list - Write down what sounds good for next time you go to the store
  56. Clean a dirty mirror - The shine is amazing
  57. Pay your online bills - Late fees suck
  58. Declutter your phone - Delete old emails, unused apps, duplicate photos, etc!
  59. Unplug - Take a break from your devices!!


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